Friday, July 17, 2015

Is Kentucky Unique?

Kentucky is unique because More than $6 billion worth of gold is held in the underground vaults of Fort Knox. Which is the world largest vault underground Kentucky. Which is a very unique thing because they held about 2.3% of the gold in the entire world that’s a lot of gold they just got there just sitting?
Something else that’s is crazy is that no one get to take a tour their you don’t even get to touch the field no one is allowed beyond that so yeah beside the guarded and the president. The vault is heavily guarded so don’t even think you going to just walk in and don’t see any problem because it’s going to take time to get in that vault.
It was the world largest underground bank at one point in time but that crazy impossible now because there more vault was invented and they all are different but fort Knox stored lots of gold down there as asset. Which I think they want to keep all that stuff to their self and not shard if you know what I mean.
But this special vault protected by the U.S military its was supposed to be a U.S. Bullion Depository but they never transferred any gold to no other place beside testing for research reason and that not the only thing they also stored historic document other valuable items for other government agencies. The Magna Carta was once stored there. The crown, sword, scepter, orb, and cape of St. Stephen, King of Hungary also were stored at the Depository.
I would go crazy if I ever get to walk to the vault and actually look inside because that would be an amazing if I am be able to see real gold because I never seen bricks of gold actually I don’t think no one have for but the ones who have to move it back in forth.
So what I concluded is that Kentucky is unique because they have nice things that is stored underground for protection and the United States actually have history things in the giant vault and many people don't really know about it.

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